Terms of Service

Updated at: 2024-03-11.

Terms of Service (ToS): Clearly outline the terms and conditions for using the URL shortening service on your website. Specify any restrictions or limitations on the use of the service. Include information about user responsibilities and prohibited activities. Privacy Policy: Clearly state how user data, including any information collected during the URL shortening process, will be handled. Detail whether any analytics or tracking tools are used and explain the purpose of such data collection. Provide information on how user privacy is protected. URL Shortening Policy: Explain the purpose of URL shortening on your website. Specify any URL length limitations or restrictions. Clarify whether the shortened URLs have an expiration date. Link Usage Guidelines: Set guidelines for the appropriate use of shortened links on your website. Define any prohibited content or activities related to the use of shortened URLs. Account Creation and Management: If your URL shortening service requires user accounts, outline the account creation process. Provide information on how users can manage their accounts, including password recovery and account deletion procedures. Liability and Disclaimer: Clearly state the limitations of your liability concerning the use of the URL shortening service. Include a disclaimer indicating that you are not responsible for the content of the original or destination URLs. Termination of Service: Outline the conditions under which you may terminate or suspend the URL shortening service. Specify the process for notifying users in the event of service termination. Changes to Terms and Policies: Reserve the right to update or modify the terms, policies, and features of the URL shortening service. Specify how users will be informed of changes and when the changes will take effect.